Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Summer of Code == Week of No Code

176 valid proposals received by GNOME.

14 proposals for Tomboy work.

8 for Revision Control for Tomboy Notes.

3 for some sort of Evolution integration (tasks, appointments, etc).

2 for Encrypted Tomboy Notes.

1 for Networked Tomboy.

0 lines of code written by me in the last week or so. ;-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Bullets of My Life

(not a whiny post about my job)
  • Google Summer of Code 2007 has opened for applications! Of course, GNOME is participating this year. If we get any good proposals for Tomboy, I'll be mentoring, which is pretty cool.
  • I wrote the draft for the "History" page for the new GNOME website. Of course, it won't go up for a month or so. For some reason it took me like 2 weeks to crank out a couple of straight-forward paragraphs. I really need to practice writing more...
  • Although I haven't done any huge Tomboy work, I've done a bunch of little things that have been eating into the time I should be spending doing the refactoring I announced a month ago. Unfortunately I can only really spend about 8 solid hours per week on Tomboy. :-( But, I documented my work, and hopefully I'll get some feedback so I can start moving things into the main code base. Followed soon after by WORLD DOMINATION (well, no, just better Windows support, but still!).
  • Guys and gals, I added this "Shared Items" thingy to my blog, and you should check it out! When I'm in Google Reader, if I see something I think should be shared with the world (often it's not even geeky programmer stuff), I click the little "Share" button and it shows up in this widget on my blog. So you should check it out from time to time!
  • Yes! Exclamation points are definitely "in"! (so is putting punctuation where it should logically go: outside the quotation marks, unless you're quoting the punctuation!).
  • Ack! Almost forgot! GNOME 2.18 was released yesterday, so now I'm jonesin' to upgrade my Ubuntu installation to the beta of Feisty (whenever it comes out...).
  • I'm a little peeved that "refactor" and its various permutations are not recognized by most spell-checkers as words. I mean, shouldn't spell-checkers in geeky programs like Firefox and blogger include words like that? Incidentally, "blogger" is in blogger's dictionary, but not Firefox's.