Monday, February 16, 2009

Tomboy 0.13.5 Brings a Better Windows Installation Experience

Today I released Tomboy 0.13.5. It has a bunch of nice fixes, including updates to Benjamin Podszun's Gtk.Print rewrite of Tomboy's printing add-in (making printing available on all platforms). For Windows users, this is the first time that you should be able to easily install gtk-sharp and Tomboy without having to muck around with your system. But we wouldn't want it to be too easy, so there are some caveats.

From :

Instructions for installing a Tomboy Windows release

Upgrading from Tomboy 0.13.4 or earlier
  1. Uninstall Tomboy.
  2. Uninstall any existing versions of gtk-sharp you may have installed.
  3. Continue with Installation instructions.
  1. Install Novell's gtk-sharp 2.12.8 or newer.
  2. Restart.
  3. Run Tomboy installer 0.13.5 or newer.
  4. Enjoy!
Importing notes from Linux (optional)
  1. On your Linux box, copy all of the *.note files out of ~/.tomboy .
  2. On your Windows box, quit Tomboy.
  3. On your Windows box, copy all the *.note files from Linux into %APPDATA%\tomboy .
Please please please don't hesitate to file bugs for any problems you experience.

Thanks so much to Mike Kestner for working his ass off (on his own time) updating the gtk-sharp installers, making them easier to develop and build, and fixing the issues reported by Tomboy users. Apps like Tomboy, Banshee, and GNOME Do would simply not exist without all of his hard work.