Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Epic Fail

I have to leave for work in 10 minutes, where we are entertaining out-of-town team members for whom I would like to appear sharp and professional.

My electric razor's battery died just as I finished shaving the right half of my face.

I like how the "battery low" indicator only started flashing after it died. Although it's possible I failed to notice it as I was busy shaving my face. I'm definitely not a fan of the quickly-decreasing battery life of this new razor.

Murphy, 1.
Sandy, 0.

Let's see how the rest of the day goes...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bullets of the Past Week

  • I had the most perfectly constructed burrito ever in the history of the world, from the Chipotle in Escondido. Late dinner, no crowd, first visit to this location.
  • One week later, I had the most disastrously constructed burrito ever in the history of the world, from the Chipotle in Escondido. Late lunch, very crowded. I'm a little nervous to make a third visit.
  • On Tuesday I flew Delta for the first time in years, and was pleased to see that the in-flight entertainment system ran Linux (a Red Hat derivative, I think). I wasn't that pleased to see the in-flight entertainment system rebooting. My seat neighbor quipped that he hoped that wasn't the autopilot system failing. The return flight had no such rebooting.
  • Delta needs to work on the volume levels of their in-flight entertainment system when the PA kicks in. I eventually gave up and went back to the iPod because I was tired of having my ears blown out.
  • I climbed well Wednesday night, but just as I was ready to leave somebody showed me an awesome bouldering problem that I was too exhausted to really try. Looking forward to climbing this week.
  • I saw Superbad. Holy crap. Amazing. I could not stop laughing. McLovin! This was my first test of using Amazon Unbox via my TiVo. The download speed was abysmal. Netflix would have been more efficient, and the local Blockbuster more convenient. Once downloaded, it was nice to use my finely-tuned TiVo muscles to manipulate the movie, though.
It was actually a pretty good week.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I hate rebates

Rebate mistakes of the last six months:

iPod nano - Purchased for $150, with a $150 rebate. Fat nano came out the week after the rebate expired. This became an over-the-top present for a lucky cousin. Not worth it.

VMware Fusion - Purchased for $??, with a $20 rebate. Expired with 2007. Worth it.

New Tires - $50-$60 rebate (advertised as "free" 4th tire). Don't know when it's due. It's in Ellery's hands. :-) Worth it.

Can I really call myself an adult? I think I need to accept that, for me, items cost whatever I pay for them at the point of sale.

I hate rebates.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Middle-click on Tomboy Applet

UPDATE: Bug resolved with patch that adds a gconf preference defaulting to false. There is no UI to toggle this preference. The relevant key is /apps/tomboy/enable_icon_paste.

As posted to tomboy-list...

With regards to bug #359167, does anybody actually use this feature?

Most GNOME applets let you move them by middle-click-dragging. With Tomboy, when you middle-click on the applet (or notification icon), any text in the clipboard is pasted to the Start Here note, which is opened for you. I don't think this is documented anywhere.

Would you care if this feature went away?

Personally, I never use the Start Here note, so I'm probably not qualified to judge whether or not it is a useful feature.