Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I left work early to play Zelda

But damn was it worth it.

Other Wii-related thoughts:
  • The white shiny reflective Wii is a dust magnet.
  • Wireless controllers are a new thing for me and I'm LOVING them, especially when the dogs are around.
  • I realize that I don't have a very active social life, because the only people I can call up to invite over for Wii tennis are my sister and Scott from the Wii line. Although, I'm trying to rectify this.
  • Link-as-a-wolf can roll stones around with his nose. If you have ever been to the park with Tycho you know why Ellery and I find this endlessly entertaining. Link-as-wolf resembles Tycho in many other ways as well.
Non Wii stuff:
  • Hoping to meet like-minded people and spread the Ubuntu love, I went to a Linux Installfest run by the local Linux Users Group. I did help a couple of people out, but as a social thing it was kind of a failure. Everyone there was well past retirement, and most had worked in the defense industry. We certainly got along, and I liked them well enough, but in this case the only thing we had in common was Linux. Maybe one of their monthly meetings will have a different turnout? Still, I see it as yet another sign that we should be looking to relocate.
  • Ellery's increased animal rights activism (and her slow journey into veganism) is starting to challenge some of my preconceived notions. For example, I'm not sure how to reconcile my desire for scientific/medical progress with the condition of lab animals. I'll need to be doing some reading about this. One of the great things about being married to Ellery is that we challenge each other, and promote growth in ourselves as individuals and as a couple. But even when our values are well aligned, I can be slower to change than she is. I'm really proud of her decisions, and I sense that I will eventually make many similar decisions.
  • Work is still lame. It's a great company with great people, and I'm treated really well, but I have found that I'm just not compatible with their culture. I should write more on that another time.
  • In less than a week I'll be in San Francisco! It feels like going home. I've loved that city since I first visited in 4th grade. Growing up in Cincinnati, I used to dream of living there. In 7th grade we had to fill out some survey about our life goals, and when asked where we wanted to go to college, all I knew was that I wanted to go somewhere in San Francisco. Moving to California only confirmed those feelings. I really hope we can find a way to move back to that area.
  • Google Reader is the best way to keep track of blags (and anything else with an RSS or Atom feed).


Anonymous said...

Let's stage a Grand Debate this weekend over animal testing. Perhaps while we're at Trader Joe's buying products that do NOT test on animals.

You can't win, babe. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. ;)

Sara said...

Yay I've just put together my Google Reader page! Thanks for the tip!