Sunday, June 24, 2007

Name has been changed to protect the creepy

--- Log opened Sun Jun 24 09:18:16 2007
09:18 -!- Irssi: Starting query in GIMPNet with creepy_loser
09:18 [creepy_loser] hi
09:18 [creepy_loser] sandy
09:18 [sandy|away] hey
09:18 [sandy|away] what's up?
09:18 [creepy_loser] fine
09:18 [creepy_loser] :)
09:18 [creepy_loser] snd you
09:18 [creepy_loser] and u
09:19 [sandy|away] good, what can I help you with?
09:19 [creepy_loser] hmm
09:19 [creepy_loser] you should write me where are u from ?
09:19 [sandy|away] why?
09:20 [creepy_loser] for be your friend maybe
09:20 [sandy|away] you know that I'm a dude?
09:20 [sandy|away] full name is "Sanford"
09:21 [creepy_loser] where is sanford ?
09:21 [sandy|away] I'm Sanford
09:21 [sandy|away] that's my name
09:21 [sandy|away] sandy is a nickname
09:21 [creepy_loser] :)
09:21 [creepy_loser] where are u sanford ?
09:21 * sandy|away sighs
09:22 [creepy_loser] my dude friend :)
09:22 [sandy|away] so I'm going to ignore you now
09:22 [sandy|away] just fyi
09:22 [creepy_loser] and i fuck you now
09:22 [creepy_loser] :)
09:24 -!- creepy_loser [~creepy_losers_computer@creepy.losers.ip.address] has quit []
--- Log closed Sun Jun 24 09:24:37 2007

EDIT: The log didn't pick up the fact that he tried to query for my avatar (I don't have one). This is a private message from somebody who was in #gnome briefly, where I was lurking.


Anonymous said...

At least it was more interesting that the annoying A/S/L kiddies or the pr0n bots :D

Sandy said...

It happened again the other day, though I wasn't available to chat. They always try to grab my avatar!