Friday, August 17, 2007

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Thanks jdub for adding me to Planet GNOME!

Caught Yawning

For those who don't know me, I'm Sandy Armstrong. I co-maintain Tomboy, and right now I'm working on note synchronization.

But is sync really complete?

I've been working on Tomboy for about a year now. My claim to fame is
consistently failing to finish my project of refactoring Tomboy
for easier porting to Windows and other platforms.

I live with my wife, Ellery...

Ellery with 'Pebble' San Diego...

new suits!

...with a couple of strange creatures.

Tycho flashes

Maggie eats anything

Some Background, streamofconsciousness-style

I grew up in Cincinnati, OH. I have a friend who went to Space Camp while I was busy sticking keys in electric sockets. I moved to Sacramento, CA to start high school around the time the GNOME project was announced. In the late 90's I installed LiteStep on my computer because I wanted it to look like GNOME. I didn't really know what GNOME was, but I knew it looked cool. When my buddy Gary was the first in the neighborhood to get DSL, I made him take a break from downloading music, Simpsons episodes, and porn to burn me a RedHat 5.1 CD, which I promptly installed on my grandmother's computer, much to her chagrin. These days, my mom runs Ubuntu and so do I, with a sprinkling of Gentoo on the server side. I lived in Las Vegas for awhile, but somehow never got a chance to hang out with Steven Brust. Oh, well.

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