Saturday, January 19, 2008

I hate rebates

Rebate mistakes of the last six months:

iPod nano - Purchased for $150, with a $150 rebate. Fat nano came out the week after the rebate expired. This became an over-the-top present for a lucky cousin. Not worth it.

VMware Fusion - Purchased for $??, with a $20 rebate. Expired with 2007. Worth it.

New Tires - $50-$60 rebate (advertised as "free" 4th tire). Don't know when it's due. It's in Ellery's hands. :-) Worth it.

Can I really call myself an adult? I think I need to accept that, for me, items cost whatever I pay for them at the point of sale.

I hate rebates.


Anonymous said...

In case it consoles you I am happy to tell you that in most of the countries on this planet there are no rebates. I think they would be even an unlegal practice in my own home country because all the problems in them make it too confusing for the consumer to try to understand how much something costs in the end...

Ethan Anderson said...

We seriously need a gnome-rebates-manager.

No really, we do. It needs to integrate with a receipt database and various other financial apps and services.. and function as a reminder and such.

behdad said...

I accepted that fact years ago...

I once recycled the box before finding out that I need to cut out the barcode from the box.

Other time I sent out the box and the contents to someone else that I'd bought the thing for, and by the time they sent me the cut barcode the rebate had expired.

Other time I lost the receipt.