Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just (GNOME) Do It!

GNOME Do is da bomb. 0.4.0 makes me a better man.

That is all.

(Sorry for the ridiculously lame title, btw)


Anonymous said...

Ah.. Is that something like Katapult for KDE... KDE is way better than Gnomee btw.

(Don't mind: I am a fluxboxer)

Sandy said...

Yes, it's like Katapult, or Quicksilver on OS X.

I've tried these sorts of things before but for whatever reason I could never get used to them. But Do works for me. :-)

I know KDE is better, but I guess I just like my apps to be consistent, easy-to-use, and not too bloated. So I stick with GNOME. :-P

Yay flames!

Unknown said...

Like all apps, there's cross over. Gnome Do has some nice features for KDE users. There's a visual mode specifically for them.

It's a bit more though since there are a nice round up of plugins. I love the ones for pastebin, google maps, tomboy. There's even a guy working on one for Google calendar and such. Check out the official list with screenshots/examples here:

So we like to think we've got a few advantages on our side.