Monday, August 4, 2008

Tomboy 0.11.1 Released

I finally got some time this weekend to take care of some irritating Tomboy bugs, so today I present to you Tomboy 0.11.1, "A PhD in Horribleness":
  • New tray icon code using GtkStatusIcon (kill libegg, #349265, Stefan Cosma).
  • Fix crashers: #544406, #460642, #544996, #523035
  • Fix bugzilla addin to accept bug IDs of one or more digits (#533024).
  • Fix behavior when start note is recreated (#508982, Jon Lund Steffensen)
  • Include .mdb files during install. Allow --debug, --trace, and --profile options when running Tomboy.
  • Translation updates: ar, bg, ca, de, es, et, fr, gl, he, nb, nl, oc, pt_BR, sk, sv, th, vi, zh_CN
Major things left to do before 0.12.0 is released: Finish port to GtkPrint, fix major outstanding bugs in synchronization, and, if there's time, do some work on startup performance. All help is welcome, especially on the GtkPrint stuff! :-)


Anonymous said...

How about the ssh sync regression?
That one has been killing me.

Sandy said...

@anonymous: That's what I meant by "fix major outstanding bugs in synchronization".

By the way, you're almost always better off sticking to the upstream bug tracker at I appreciate all of the user comments on that launchpad bug, but it means I have to look two places whenever I work on it. Please try to keep obviously upstream stuff in the upstream bug tracker. :-)

Sandy said...

To be absolutely clear: I am the ONLY Tomboy developer who will bother to look at the comments on that launchpad bug. This bug is not going to be fixed by Ubuntu developers. Distributing all of this information does not help to get bugs solved.

Thus ends my mini-rant about the problem with big downstream bug trackers like Launchpad.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sandy said...

I don't censor my blog, but I do delete spam and gibberish comments (the deleted one said something like "bsd, solaris, and mono must die", for example).