Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tomboy 0.12.0 Released

Yesterday I unleashed the latest stable Tomboy release. This has been a less active cycle than usual, but in 0.12.0 you can experience the wonder of:

  • New Tasque add-in

  • Add "New notebook..." menu item to Notebook toolbar button

  • Many fixes to note synchronization

  • Improvements to Bugzilla and HTML Export add-ins

  • Tray icon ported to Gtk.StatusIcon

  • Support for --debug, --trace, and --profile when running Tomboy
The following contributors were especially helpful in making Tomboy 0.12.0 happen: Boyd Timothy, Alex Graveley, Alexey Nedilko, John Anderson, John Carr, Jon Lund Steffensen, Łukasz Jernaś, Romain Tartiere, Sebastian Dröge, Stefan Cosma, and Stefan Schweizer. A big thank you to them, and to our hard-working translators, too!

The lack of activity during the 0.11.x cycle has disturbed me (especially because it's mostly my fault!), and I've written to our mailing list about how I think we can do better this cycle. One easy way you can help is by voting for your "favorite" Tomboy bugs.

I'll write more about plans for our next stable release after we have our dev meeting, but you can be sure that I haven't forgotten our proprietary compatriots. I'll be merging the tomboy-portable2 branch into trunk Real Soon Now.


Anonymous said...

Just built 0.12.0 and the syncing is improved!

Unfortunately the sync-sshfs mount point is still left mounted after the sync completes, but at least it doesn't fail anymore!

Anyway, many many thanks for getting it mostly fixed! Tomboy had become too critical a tool for me for it to break, and dealing with mis-synced notes has been very painful.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you guys for your hard work on this. I can't imagine life without Tomboy!

Sandy said...

@anonymous: Leaving the share mounted is intentional, so that you don't have to mount each time. It automatically unmounts if you don't sync for 5 minutes (and of course when Tomboy quits).

Would it be useful to you if there was a preference to unmount after each sync? If so, please file an enhancement bug. ;-)

I'm *very* glad to hear that syncing is working better for you! If you run into any problems, I definitely want to hear about them.