Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tomboy Planning Meeting Tomorrow

In case anybody's interested, we're having our planning meeting for this development cycle in #tomboy tomorrow...

Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 1930 UTC

That's 12:30 PM PDT, 8:30 PM BST, etc etc.

Everybody is welcome! We've started a wiki page to gather ideas before
holding the meeting, so check it out here, and add your name if you're
attending, along with any ideas you might have:

Topics to dicuss:
* Features for this cycle
* Cross-platform updates
* Plans for bug/patch days to clean up bugzilla

My personal goals for this cycle:
* Solid Windows binaries with every 0.13.x release
* Experimental Mac binaries with every 0.13.x release
* Power through bugzilla, with a major focus on memory/performance
issues and other long-standing embarrassing bugs (like note renaming
* Better community management on my part, frequent bug/patch days, not
letting patches rot in bugzilla. Basically, enabling our awesome
contributors instead of frustrating them!


Anonymous said...

I would hope for automated syncing :)

Anonymous said...

Syncing via Dropbox would be awesome. Right now I try to sync to a folder hosted on my Dropbox share (as you suggested in the Win/Mac release post) but that deletes some notes when I sync from multiple machines.
So automatic, multiple machine aware syncing would definitively be great.

Scott Carpenter said...

I'd like an option to turn off autolinking -- too dangerous for my taste when you can inadvertently create any number of links to some common word(s) (or even less-common words) and then a rename throws everything out of whack. Thanks for your consideration of this! :-)

Sandy said...

@Christoph, itsfilip: We really want to improve our sync capabilities, and hopefully somebody will have time to work on it this cycle.

@Scott: Yes, we have a critical bug related to these potential pitfalls, and I'd really like to see it addressed this cycle. I don't think turning off autolinking makes as much sense as handling renames better, though (either disabling "modify linking text on rename" or giving some sort of prompt about what other notes will change when you do your rename).

Thanks for your input folks!