Thursday, November 19, 2009

One-click install for Banshee Telepathy Sharing Extension 0.1.1

Over the course of the summer, you may have read Neil Loknath's various blog posts about his Summer of Code project that lets you share your Banshee music library with your Telepathy contacts.

Well, it's pretty cool stuff, and now that he's started making releases, it's a great opportunity for people to try it out and give him feedback.

If you're using openSUSE 11.2, you can get version 0.1.1 of his extension through this handy one-click install link.

Note that my little repository includes upgrades to telepathy-gabble, telepathy-mission-control, and gnutls. You'll need to log out/in or kill all telepathy/empathy/mission-control processes before the changes take affect.

If you're like me and prefer to build Banshee from source and Neil's extension from source but don't want to reinstall your entire Telepathy stack from source, just install telepathy-gabble and telepathy-mission-control from my repository (this will cause a few gnutls packages to upgrade as well), and you'll be good to go.

Let me know if you have any issues, but let's consider these packages officially unsupported, could break your Empathy, impregnate your cat, etc.


Stephane said...

Dude, extensions are Mono.Addins. There's no need for a one click install when Mono.Addins has the bits for installing it automatically...

Khairuddin Ni'am said...

The font in the screenshot look nice :) What font is it?

Sandy said...

@Stephane: There is certainly a need in the case of all the dependencies that are required. Where the DLL goes and how it gets there is the least interesting thing here.

@Khairuddin: No idea, I stole the screenshots from Neil, so ask him. :-)

Wouter Bolsterlee said...

The GtkLabel in the dialog should not have a mnemonic (the underlined letter instead of a real underscore).

Sandy said...

Hi Wouter! I'm not the developer of this extension, just a user trying to get more of my contacts to let me stream their music, so please file issues here: