Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recent Fosters

Izzy was afraid of everything. After hanging out with us for a little while, she got adopted instantly.

"Pebble" is a dumb puppy. He spent last night with us but I think he'll be staying at Helen Woodward now until he's adopted.

So I'm writing this post from Picasa...but what's irritating is that I took the time to make comments on each of these pictures, but those comments aren't part of this post at all. :-( I'd really like to see Google improve the Blogger-Picasa-PicasaWeb integration. (UPDATE: These pictures showed up in my blog's Picasa Web Album with the correct comments)

I made my first Picasa Web Album, too.

Still, although I like all of the Google services, I wonder if I wouldn't be better off with Flickr.

One last dig at Google...when making a link here in Blogger, I have the following option to specify a gopher: URL. Wha? Shouldn't this just fall under "Other"?

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Anonymous said...

Gopher? Whoa! Who blew the dust off of that one. :)