Friday, April 6, 2007

When Bullies Win

I'm fairly upset about this whole Kathy Sierra thing. She's been an inspiration to me and others, and her teaching/presentation style is such a breath of fresh air. The Head First books have really raised the bar for all the tech writers out there. Kathy's blog is one of my favorite things to read on the web; and now some asshat sickos have threatened her in ways that make her fear for her safety.

Kathy won't be speaking in public, or maintaining her blog. Whatever her next move, it will be limited and restrained. I don't think she's wrong or weak to do this, but I do hope that she's able to return to a sense of balance in her life. Nobody should have to live in fear.

Anyway, of the options Kathy has discussed for the blog, I'm probably most in favor of the "real group blog" idea. Though I'll certainly miss Kathy's unique style and perspective.

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