Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hackergotchi Me, Please!

UPDATE 3.14: Thanks to Manuel for my new hackergotchi! Woo hoo!

P.S. Thank you to Bart and Dave Neary for their versions, which were also quite good.

Previous text:

I appear to be in need of a floating head. Anyone willing to give it a go? I think this would be a good picture for it...but I've been wrong about this before (click for full resolution version):

[Picture was huge! Thanks everyone]

I'm really enjoying My Own Kind of Freedom. I'm about 12 chapters in, and I'm amazed (but never surprised anymore) at Brust's ability to put me right back in the Firefly 'verse. I think I'm most pleased with his Jayne and River POVs. The style is just perfect.

UPDATE: Book was great. Can't wait to reread.


Unknown said...

I can help you out.

The pose is nice, except the lightning, which is non uniforme, your ear is glooming :D

Have another pic or i should just use this one as it is? :P

Anonymous said...

it would be nice to be able to email you the file.

Sandy said...

@dread_knight: I'm fine with the pic, but I can try to dig up another if that makes more sense.

@so: My bad! Here's my email:

sanfordarmstrong at gmail dot com


Sandy said...

You guys are right, that was a bad picture. I'll find or take a better one soon.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the ebook when it was announced on boingboing (was it boingboing?) but I couldn't find the time to read it.
If it's good I'll move it to the top of the queue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy try this:

Have fun with it!