Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lessig on Obama

Thanks to Chris Ball for linking to Lessig's Obama video. I often feel, after watching a Lessig presentation, that he has taken thoughts and feelings that I harbor but have been unable to express, and crystalized them into a digestible format.

I find the republican candidates unacceptable, and since Clinton and Obama do not differ significantly in their platforms, the only criteria for choosing are character, experience, and potential for support (ie, ability to follow through on the platform).

Obama clearly wins on character in my mind (and in Lessig's). I do not feel that Clinton's experience is particularly useful or applicable, though I could be wrong there. And although Clinton's political prowess may enable her to gain congressional and popular support, the optimist in me hopes that Obama's character will be able to achieve similar results without sacrificing his (and our) principles.

Now I just need to register to vote...

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Aaron said...

Actually, I think Clinton's experience and power in the senate will end up working against her. She is a very polarizing figure. The very fact that so many Republicans dislike and even hater her will make it very hard for her to get anything done. I fear she'll spend all her time fighting with the opposition (the fun part of politics) instead of compromising with them.